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  • Different Styles Of Abayas

    Abaya, traditionally, was used to cover up one's body in the most modest and rightful way. But since everything was revolutionized over time, people somehow found it necessary to have the Abaya come out and be worn in a lot different styles.

    Abayas were no longer for modesty or anything like that, they were more of a fashion statement. This started in the late 2000’s. Embellished beautiful Abayas were introduced and they were obviously tight fitted and sometimes in cuts that were harder to walk in.

  • Choosing Abaya For This Season

    Muslim women across USA are embracing the trend of modest clothing more than ever and that has certainly opened up new ways for them to flaunt their own unique style. Yes, being modest doesn’t mean that you can’t be stylish. In fact, you are up for making a style statement of your own and everyone else around you
  • The Benefits of Modest Wear

    The practice of dressing modestly was stressed through generations of Muslim communities across the globe. In recent years, predominantly due to the impact of social media, the young Muslim women of the modern era have revolutionized the demand for hijabs, abayas, and all other forms of modest clothing. Today, more Muslim women are on the lookout for modest clothing than ever before.
  • History of Islamic Abaya's

    The Abaya is a traditional dress piece in many countries in the Middle East and Islamic world, as it leaves only the bare hands, feet and neck. Ma...