The Best Abaya Styles for Special Occasions

Abaya is one of the most stylish forms of modest fashion. It’s chic and what not! It’s every hijabi women’s dream to get that perfect abaya style for special occasions. So for you to get that abaya to look gorgeous, here are a few tips from us.


Most people think abaya itself is too much. But it’s a wrong perspective if you love fashion. Layering is a good technique if you can work it out. Add depth to your abaya by wearing contrasting dresses beneath your abaya or you can add dimensions by wearing kimono jackets over it.

Trench Style Abaya

Not all abayas are the same. Trench abayas will give a modern and free look which you can either style with accessories or can leave it minimal. Trench style abayas come with buttons or belts that you can wrap around your waist.

Abaya Dress Style

Abaya Dresses are perfect for dress lovers who want to keep it modest. Accessorise all you want and also do not forget to wear pretty heels along. A gorgeously styled abaya dress is very suitable for special occasions for those who want to look classy and less clumsy.

Monochrome Abaya Look

Monochrome abaya is a safe choice when you find it hard to mix and match other pieces of garments with abaya. Wear everything of the same shades, go with pastels and nudes and for keeping it slightly interesting add hints of silver and gold with accessories.

Abaya Detailed Sleeves

Keep it special for special events. Now that voluminous sleeves are trending everywhere, they added to abayas are also accepted. The sleeve details go great with abayas and give a cool look!

Classic All Black Abaya

You can never go wrong with black and the same for abaya. If it looks too flat add some sheer but detailed scarf along. Also wear a statement element to level up the all-black look. Gladiator sandals could be a nice choice.

Accessories Abayas

Abayas are easy to accessorize. It is also fun to accessorise abayas. Jewellery adds bling while accessories like belts can complete the abaya look. Sometimes when you go monochrome or all black you can simply wear a contrasting or complimenting footwear to make it look chicer.

You can also style it without breaking your comfort zone, by experimenting with it, making it bright, light and however you want to make it look!