The Benefits of Modest Wear

The practice of dressing modestly was stressed through generations of Muslim communities across the globe. In recent years, predominantly due to the impact of social media, the young Muslim women of the modern era have revolutionized the demand for hijabs, abayas, and all other forms of modest clothing. Today, more Muslim women are on the lookout for modest clothing than ever before. 

The abaya completed with the hijab is the preferred form of modest clothing by nearly half the world’s population of Muslim women. The abaya, which originated in the Middle East, is worn by the majority of women in the Arabian Gulf region; but, in the recent past, this modest attire has spread globally. This type of clothing serves numerous benefits for these women, which is why it is most favored among other clothing. Some of the social benefits of modest wear include: 

  1. It uplifts your sense of self-worth

We live in a materialistic and superficial world where almost all valuable time and money is spent on the finest clothes, jewellery, and whatnot, with just one objective in mind—to please others. We are in complete need of attention because our self-perceptions are completely reliant on others’ perceptions of us. But, by choosing to dress modestly your sense of self is elevated as you no longer require the praise and approval of others. It places importance on your personality rather than outward appearances; and this is sure to empower you.


2. Focuses attention on your personality & intellect

In today’s world, women are often objectified and used in the media for the purpose of attracting the attention of males merely for their outward appearance. Women are often overlooked for their intellect and are judged based solely on their appearance. But, modestly dressed women compel other’s attention away from their outward appearance to what’s within— their unique personality and intellect. 


        3. Reduces unwanted attention

      Catcalling and unpleasant stares from strange men is a common issue that all women have faced in the past, and are facing today. Women clad in modest attire, especially the abaya with the hijab, draw less attention than others. While shielding their femininity from lustful eyes, modest wear helps provide women the respect that they deserve.  

                  4. Brings women together

          The abaya was initially worn by the privileged women, centuries ago. However, today, the abaya is worn by women from all walks of life. The abaya with hijab and all other forms of modest wear bring women together, eliminating all forms of competition that typically exist between them. It takes women away from life’s superficial concerns and shifts their focus on matters of importance.

                        5. Evokes humility

              Appropriate etiquette and morals are brought forth through modest attire. By dressing modestly women are more likely to be polite and humble in their speech and behavior. It allows women to display modesty not only in their clothing, but in their behavior as well.