How kids can learn Arabic with Toys?

Childhood is the age where your kids are full of enthusiasm and at their full ability to learn different things especially foreign languages. And if you want your kids to learn Arabic, this is exactly the time. We know that toys that help to teach Arabic are hard to find. If you ask parents around not all of them will have an answer and for those who have answers will not have a lot of brands to pick from. There will be a few brands of which the only one will be the best. And Meraaz has many times experienced good feedback by parents after they found our toy collection after a lot of searching.

Children can start learning Arabic with the Arabic alphabet, vowel marks and vowel letters, then learn how to join the letters. Children will be able to read any Arabic text by sounding out the letters and vowels. Words are simply read by pronouncing the letters. Teaching your kids the Arabic language can be made fun and easy with a mix of Arabic books for kids, toys, puzzles, flashcards, worksheets and videos.

All types of puzzle toys are very much visually appealing to kids and they find it very interesting to play as well. Puzzle toys with colours are a different deal. When the pieces come in colour kids can play sorting and also end up counting with these sorted pieces.

You can buy Arabic flashcard set for making learning interesting for your kids because flashcards can be interestingly used to play games in Arabic. Try buying flashcard sets of animals, colours, seasons etc for them to study easily.

Take help of educational games while teaching the Arabic language for your kids. Games will initiate speaking, listening and can also induce thinking in Arabic as kids find these techniques fun as well. Name objects in Arabic and play hiding games with kids. While you are playing  use Arabic adjectives to communicate if children are close or far from finding the hidden objects. Games and toys keep your children engaged and also helps in easy learning.

There are multiple toys and elements you can use to make learning fun for your kids.  But when you choose resources to support Arabic learning for children, consider your child’s interest. We are one the few brands that delivers the best quality effective toys that will help you teach our kids. Check out our collection of toys and pick your kid’s favourite!