Choosing Abaya For This Season

Muslim women across USA are embracing the trend of modest clothing more than ever and that has certainly opened up new ways for them to flaunt their own unique style. Yes, being modest doesn’t mean that you can’t be stylish. In fact, you are up for making a style statement of your own and everyone else around you is going to appreciate your sense of style. 

When choosing your Abaya, however, the biggest challenge for you is to choose the right one according to the season. You might wonder to know that Abaya choices differ from one season to another and what may work for you in Summers may not be as good in Winters. The obvious reason behind that is that an Abaya covers you all over and a fabric, for example, that keeps you warm in Winter months may sweat you out in Summer. There are many other factors to be taken into consideration when choosing an Abaya for every other season. So, let’s check out how you should be making a choice for your next Abaya. 

Choosing Abaya For Summer

When choosing an Abaya for summer, it’s not just the fabric that you should be looking at but the color and Abaya style should get your attention as well. Here’s what could be your best choice for Summer. 

       1.Material or Fabric
Probably the best option for Summer Abayas is linen and lightweight crepe as far as the fabric is concerned. Both the fabrics are quite comfortable as well. 
  •         2.Color
  • As for color, black is a big ‘No’ in Summer months. Rather, you should choose earthy tones as they not just keep you cool but look trendy as well. A few good options can be beige, taupe, blush pink, soft grey and white as they all can keep you cool even in the scorching heat of summer

  •         3.Silhouette 
  • There are so many options that will keep you comfortable in Summer when it comes to the silhouette of your chosen Abaya. A few good options would be Abayas with Duster coat style, Waterfall collar, and ‘A-line’ hem. They all look chic and elegant and really make for a stylish hijab outfit.

    Choosing Abaya For Winter

    Now, if you have to choose an Abaya for Winter, let’s decide on the same three factors described above as to what will suit you best in Winter months. 

  •         1.Material or Fabric
  • Obviously, for Winters, you’d look for something that can keep you warm. So, the Abayas that are made from cashmere and tweed would do great. These fabrics aren’t just refined but they’ll definitely look beautiful on your figure as well. 

  •         2.Color
  • Even though black is the conventional Abaya color, mostly popular in Eastern countries, that would do great in Winter months but that’s not the only option you have. All the deep shades are preferable for Winters including navy, gray, and burgundy. Some other darker shades might do the job nicely as well. 

  •         3.Silhouette
  • As for the cut, Abaya designs with loose shapes can be your go-to choice in Winters as they give you enough room for layering. An ‘A-line cut’ works great on those heavier fabrics. 

    Choosing An Abaya For Other Seasons

    When it comes to choosing Abayas for Spring or Fall, you have to make sure that you don’t go for extremes in your color or fabric choices. Mostly, you have to go with a bit lighter fabrics than what is appropriate in Winter months. In terms of color, brighter hues would work better than anything else. As far as the Silhouette is concerned, an ‘A-Line’ cut would be the most appropriate choice in these seasons as well because it gives you enough room to adjust according to your needs while giving an open feel overall. 

    So, pick the right Abaya for you this season and let your modest styling make a statement!