Casual To Formal, Hijab According To The Situation

Hijab makes one of the integral parts of Islamic clothing for women and it’s been trending more than ever in recent times. Obviously, it helps Muslim women to stick to the Islamic concept of modesty in clothing but that doesn’t mean it can’t look fashionable. Muslim women, even in Western societies, can dress themselves up modestly while making sure that they look trendy as ever with lots of different Hijab styles available to them. Yes, one can easily find something for any situation, be it casual or formal. 

So, if you are also looking for your perfect Hijab style to fit your specific needs, here are some cool Hijab ideas for you to consider. You’re sure to find one for any occasion or situation. 

  •        1. Hijab With A Cardigan For School
  • Dressing up for school requires you to be a bit more formal but you may still want to look a bit trendy with your perfect hijab outfit. One cool option for you is to combine a typical western dress with a bright gown or cardigan and use a beautiful nude head scarf for hijab. To make it look even better, wear it with heels and you have a perfect overall look to flaunt. 

  •         2. Bright Colors To Make a Statement
  • Whether you want to wear a hijab and abaya in a casual setting or a formal one, bright colors always add a touch of pop to your outfit. In addition, bright colors will flatter your skin tone to perfection allowing you to make a bold statement. 

  •         3. Try A Textured Scarf
  • If you have long been wearing those same plain scarves for hijab, going with a bit of texture can really add a dramatic element of style to your look. You can always get creative to wear these headscarves in different styles and they’ll look enchanting. 

  •         4. Befriend With Patterns
  • Patterned hijabs always look amazing and they give you a cool way of breaking that otherwise monochromatic look. They add more dimension to your outfit and work for both casual and formal settings. Whether you want to wear them with a long overcoat or a conventional abaya style, they will work just fine if you have chosen the right combo. 

  •         5. Lace Hijab For An Eastern Look
  • Whether you are in the USA or any other Western country, you can always go for that Eastern touch to your modest clothing. Lace Hijab is a perfect piece from Pakistani fashion that is loved everywhere and will give you a classic Eastern look. Add a printed or studded head cap to the mix and wear it with a beautiful floral lace scarf to make your casual outfit look even better. 

    Yes, Islamic clothing is modest; but that doesn’t mean it needs to be boring or monotonous. You just need to play around a bit with your available options and you’re sure to come up with an elegant and trendy outfit that won’t defy your religious norms either. So, get up ladies and discover your perfect hijab style now!