5 Best Toys For Muslim Kids

Good parenting starts with accepting the fact that, parenting kids of this generation is going to be bizarrely different from your times. With the influence of technology and other present elements, it is going to be difficult for you to convince your kids into many things you want them to practice. Leading them into your religion is one such thing. At your times it used to be like you automatically pray and practice when your parents ask you to do so. But today it is not easy to make your child do so. You need engaging ways to make sure your child learns the importance of religion and starts to practice at a young age.

Islamic toys can be a sure shot if you want to teach your kids religion with fun. Children have always been excited about toys and therefore you can always use that energy of theirs into making them learn Islam. Let us change the mentality about old school religion inducing methods to kids and indulge in modern and engaging methods.

It is indeed a fact that not all brands sell Islamic toys but you can still find brands that especially make Islamic toys among which a few again will be the best. You can find different types of Islamic toys online for your child.

  • You can start with exciting Islamic toys like Islamic cot mobile on the first day when the baby arrives home. In this, a mobile with a memory card that can play Islamic lullabies and prayers will be attached to your child cot so that when it plays it can soothe your baby to sleep easily.
  • Talking dolls reciting shahadah, surah and Muslim nursery rhymes are something kids instantly like.
  • Then there are also Islamic pillows that recite night duas before your children sleep.
  • To make it more interactive, get interactive books and the Arabic alphabet sound puzzles which can keep your kids excited to learn every time they play with it.
  • Dough set is also a good choice if you want to create a great family time with your kids. The Arabic letter is ideal for learning and the playing set is equally interesting.

As a parent, it is your duty to come up with ideas that can indulge good thoughts in your child. If you are a smart parent you will choose this modern way of Islamic teaching over the old one. Have a wonderful playtime!