5 Best Islamic Home Decor Ideas

For each and everyone, their interior of the house is something very personal. Not all people want it to be similar and not everyone appreciates every idea. Islamic interior is something very auspicious for islams. It is part of their much beloved culture which they hold holy for their lifetime. Time passed, modern designs took over the architecture. Even though times have changed, there are a few things that can work without compromising the Islamic cultural influence.

Design with Harmony

The energy surrounded in the room is very important. Even though Islamic designs are known to be extravagant, it urges for a humble yet classic look. The design should not scream wealth and richness instead should be made with harmony giving a warm welcome to anyone entering. 

The one strict rule to be followed is zero usage of figurative structures. You can always embrace abstract art, landscape scenes, or Islamic calligraphy art in your designs.

Significant Colors

White, Green, and Golden are the most popular colors used in Islamic designs and are considered very auspicious. 

Prayer Space

Of all the spaces inside the house the prayer room is considered the most important because the Kaaba(prayers) happens 5 times a day. This room has to be placed out of traffic in peace. Ka’ba is mostly done facing the window, so any movement from the adjacent rooms can pass behind the person praying without distracting them.


Privacy and peace are two elements every muslim home puts in front. Choose window shades that allow light to penetrate without disturbing. Also try shades decorated with islmaic geometric patterns to add extra richness of Islamic vibe.


Shoes are prefered off in a Muslim home because they bring impurities especially in areas where the prayer takes place. Therefore while decorating consider creating a space for guest shoes as well as the owners’ to avoid shoes piling up and create an eye sore. Or include area rugs instead of carpets for guests to keep their shoes on while visiting.

Hope the above suggestions would help you design the Islamic interiors in the true form of Islamic culture.